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Our hygienists are well trained in the latest technology. They will clean your teeth and provide you with an individualized plan for maintaining your dental health. Their compassionate care will make you realize dentistry can be an exceptional experience.

Dental Hygienists Dona and Joann


Your oral health is precious and our wonderful hygienists have been instrumental in helping our patients to achieve and maintain the best possible condition of their teeth and gums. Whether it’s routine periodic “cleanings” or more sophisticated periodontal treatment, their gentle touch and cheerful banter relax even the most apprehensive patient.

Children respond immediately to both Dona and Joann, which is a very good thing since they each have four of their own. From the youngest child to our senior citizens, Dona and Joann’s charming personalities make everyone feel at home.

Joann provides our Deaf and Hard of Hearing patients the comfort of being treated by a hygienist that has taken courses in ASL as well as studying the difficulties faced by Deaf and Hard of Hearing patients in the typical dental office.

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