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Dental Assistants

Our capable dental assistants make sure everything runs smoothly during your visit. They assist Dr. Magid in providing you with remarkable care. Your comfort is their priority.


Jennifer Brown - Dental Assistant

Jennifer Brown is Dr. Ken Magid’s primary chairside assistant and her easy manner and sunny disposition puts all of our patients at ease. Jenn has been assisting in dentistry for more years than her youthful appearance would seem possible and her experience lets her fill in anywhere in the office. Born and raised in Westchester County she has lived and worked in a number of different cities around the eastern USA. Cooking, playing piano and organizing everything (including our office) are her favorite pastimes.

Tara Koby - Dental Assistant

Tara Koby is Dr. Sabrina Magid’s primary chairside and also our assistant specializing in assisting Dr. Laurie Fleisher in endodontics (root therapy). This is a very complex task for the assistant and Tara’s expertise makes it look easy. Tara’s easy good nature puts our patients at ease whether they are youngsters or adults seeing Dr. Sabrina Magid or the patient facing the prospect of root therapy. Tara grew up in the Bronx before moving to Westchester and loves to be at home with her dog Curtis. Ask her and she will gladly show you pictures of him.

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