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Enhanced and Restored Smile Treatments

Whether you are dreaming of a more beautiful smile or want your oral health completely restored, Dr. Magid and his team will exceed your expectations.

We can achieve astonishing and comprehensive results with the latest techniques and technology, in the least possible time with increased comfort and minimal inconvenience to you.

Complete Esthetic Enhancement
Comprehensive Health Rehabilitation

Advanced Smile Design Therapies

Porcelain Veneers
Tooth Contouring
Smile Whitening
Gum line Reshaping

Modern Restorative Smile Therapies

Esthetic Crowns
Lifelike Bridges
Tooth Saving Inlays/Onlays
Tooth-Colored "Fillings"
Dental Implants - Tooth Replacements

Lifelong Smile Care

Cleanings/Preventive Check ups
Sophisticated periodontal treatments
Periodontal/Gum Disease Information
Headache Reducing - NTI appliance

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