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Early Diagnosis for Minimally Invasive Dentistry

The sooner we diagnose a problem the easier it is to treat with the minimum effect on your healthy teeth, gums or your pocketbook.

That’s the total direction of our practice. Using technology we can accomplish this goal with accuracy never possible before.

Laser Decay Diagnosis

The Diagnodent uses a small pen sized device to project a completely safe beam of low power laser energy into a tooth. The Diagnodent “pen” then reads the amount of laser energy that bounces back to provide an audible and digital read-out of any decay present.

Fiber Optic Trans-illumination

Mr. Magid also makes use of fiber optic trans-illumination to aid him in finding tooth disease. Fiber optics allows light to pass through the tooth, showing the true state of decay, which makes cavity removal more accurate. This means more of the healthy tooth is saved. Dr. Magid is conscientious about providing you with thorough check-ups, and helping you obtain and maintain optimal health.

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