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To my patients: 04/2009

To my patients:

As we move into spring, and hopefully begin to come out of this cold economic climate, the eternal optimist in me looks forward to the happiness this season brings. There are a lot of new developments I would like to share with you.

I usually take this opportunity to let you know about the achievements of our staff but this time I’d like to share with you the honor I just received by being nominated to the “National Dental Honor Society” for “contribution to the art and science of dentistry”. I humbly accepted the invitation and will be inducted in May. It is your confidence in me that has allowed me to pursue this profession that I love, so I wanted to include you in my gratitude for this honor.

On a more interesting note for many of you are some important new developments in dentistry. The first one is the release of a product called “Oraverse” which will reduce the time your lip and tongue are numb substantially, often less than half the time. You may have seen this on the news recently and of course we were the first office in Westchester to have the product. Oraverse is administered by an injection in the same site as the local anesthetic towards the end of the procedure. Since only one company produces Oraverse they can charge whatever they want….and they do. The injection costs us $20 for the materials so we will only pass this charge along if you chose to use it.

The second development is an oral appliance that has been shown to be effective in treating snoring and mild to moderate “obstructive sleep apnea”. It’s not for every case, and does require you to wear these oral appliances when you sleep, but we have found it to be very effective. If you want first hand experience just ask Sandy at our front desk who has tried everything else and has found the Somnomed appliance to be extremely successful. If you would like more information call for a “screening “ appointment or to schedule a consultation.

In consideration of the economic concerns many of us have at this time we have arranged with CareCredit to provide a six month “same as cash” payment plan with no interest to you. It is important that necessary treatment not be allowed to become more involved and expensive by being put off and we will do everything we can to help.

Best Regards,

Dr. Kenneth S. Magid