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Drill-less Dentistry

It is possible to get a cavity fixed without the heat, vibration or shrill sound of the drill. Dr. Magid is a consultant to the leading manufacturers of lasers and air abrasion systems and has trained many other dentists in their benefits and use.

Click here to watch the ABC-TV video clip of Dr Magid's use of the latest techniques in dentistry.

Lasers use a beam of light and water spray to remove decayed tooth structure without vibration, noise or discomfort. No “shot” and no “drill” for your next cavity.

For fine preparations Air-Abrasion works like a mini sandblaster. A thin stream of microscopic aluminum oxide particles exit the handpiece creating a cool, painless sensation. Tooth decay can be treated at an earlier stage and more of the healthy tooth remains intact. It can usually be performed without numbing.

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