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To my patients: 12/2010

To My Patients:

There has been so much going on in our office I am late in getting this letter out and I will only be able to hit the highlights to stay on one page. We tried to get this letter out prior to the holidays but unexpected difficulties with our mail list got in the way. Even without the letter our toy drive was a success, providing desperately needed toys to women’s shelters and Green Chimneys thanks to all of you that contributed.

For those of you who have been hearing about her progress for years I can say with pride that Dr. Sabrina Magid is now a partner in our practice and has begun some amazing innovations. As you may know she began studying sign language in middle school and, by being called upon in dental school and residency to treat deaf patients, learned the many problems they faced in dealing with a dental office. She immediately has taken steps to make our practice capable of treating this underserved population. Our deaf patients and others that have been treated by her have had great things to say about the experience. We’ve even had more than one young lady declare that they thought they might like to become dentists when they grow up. Can you see me smile?

Speaking of smiles, I have been doing makeovers and teaching dentists from around the world the techniques and artistry of cosmetic dentistry for years, as many of you can attest with the beautiful smiles of your own. Until recently these cosmetic enhancements stopped with the teeth. We’ve now gone beyond that to the use of “dermal fillers” such as Juvederm to eliminate the lines and loss of tissue fullness around the lower face and lips that really age the appearance. “Why should this be done by the cosmetic dentist?” Because we are the most familiar with this area and the proportions needed to provide the best, most natural result, and using dental local anesthetics we can do it completely painlessly. Both Dr. Sabrina Magid and I have been trained and “certified” in these new techniques and I have been asked to be on the faculty of the teaching organization.

We have also expanded our treatment of snoring and sleep apnea to include an ambulatory sleep study that can be used in your own bed as an alternative to a night in a sleep center. Obstructive sleep apnea is a major cause of high blood pressure, heart disease, gastric reflux, and is involved in many other severe medical conditions. This is on top of the social problems caused by the resulting chronic fatigue and snoring. The ability to diagnose this problem and either refer to a sleep specialist M.D. or treat with an oral appliance instead of the CPAP that many cannot use is a great service we can offer our patients.

The Town of Harrison has approved the expansion of our office upstairs. This will give us two more treatment rooms, some much needed “back office” space, a teaching center for the advanced technologies I teach other dentists, and will replace my treadmill by running up and down the stairs. We will begin construction in January and with all the work involved we are having fun designing in our “wish list” with my wife Karen directing the decorating. We will probably have to close for a week for construction and we’ll have an open house party when it is completed so I hope you will join us at that time.

We hope you all had a very happy holiday season and hope to see you soon.

Dr. Kenneth S. Magid D.D.S.
Sabrina B. Magid, D.M.D.