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To my patients: 12/2004

To my patients:

I knew I should have printed more stationery this time. OK, right to it. Tara is three months pregnant with her first child and she’s doing great. She plans on working until March and after maternity leave come back two or three days a week. We are all thrilled for her and Vinny. We have two new hygienists to insure easy accessibility for you, your family and friends. Erin Howlett is a Harvard graduate in Humanities with clinical and research experience in dental hygiene. Susan Tursi-Gleeson started her career in industry but dental hygiene was always her first and most abiding interest. She has years of clinical experience that she brings to our office. We are very fortunate to have these two wonderful clinicians to say nothing of the warmth and friendliness they bring to our dental family.

“But my dentist TOLD me to eat candy and chew gum”. No, not a teenager’s delusion or a dentist trying to generate enough business to pay for his child’s schooling (thought I would say it before anyone else did). We are actually telling our most cavity prone patients to chew a very special gum or mint after every meal or snack. The gum and mints are made with Xylitol which has proven to be capable of decreasing cavities up to 80%. Yes we ARE trying to put ourselves “out of business” in constantly repairing the damage to our caries prone patients. This program is one of the many benefits my patients derive from my position as a clinical Professor at NYU College of Dentistry where the department I am in is a leader in caries prevention. The gum, mints, and a spray for dry mouth, all with 100% Xylitol are available at our office.

From the “ridiculous to the sublime”. Where did that saying come from? There are many people, including some of our patients, that are terrified of going to the dentist no matter how painless or what sophisticated technologies we use. For anyone who finds it physically or emotionally difficult to take care of their dental treatment we have incorporated “Enteral Conscious Sedation” a fancy name for take a small pill and snooze through your dental treatment. I completed training and certification at NYU last fall and we’ve been using it to the delight of patients ever since. If you know anyone that avoids dental treatment have them read about it on our web site at www.ADofW.com.

The end of the year is fast approaching and there is just enough time to utilize any remaining dental insurance benefit for this year before it is lost forever. If you have a “flex spending” plan where you work we can help you plan for next year so you can get that cosmetic enhancement or restorative treatment with before tax dollars. If you would like help setting up a “flex spending” plan at your company let us know and we can refer you to a knowledgeable tax specialist.

It’s time for our 8th annual holiday toy drive. Bring in a new unwrapped toy that will go to a child that probably won’t get a present any other way and receive $10 certificate for any service in our office. Help us bring joy to wonderful and needy children.

Warmest Regards,

Dr. Kenneth S. Magid