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To my patients: 07/2004

To my patients:

It seems every time I write I start off with “there’s a lot to tell you about and I’ll try and keep it to one page”. As usual, it’s true now too. Here goes, certainly not in order of importance. The first thing you may notice is the new stationery, logo, and practice “name”. This is all part of the major facelift in the office which is almost complete. I hope you like the changes as much as we do and if you haven’t seen them please come by and take a look. On our new stationery you will see our web site www.ADofW.com which is the abbreviation of Advanced Dentistry of Westchester our new overall practice “name”. You can also get to the web site through www.drmagid.com . The web site attempts to tell all about us and the kind of advanced technologies and treatment we do including a clip of the ABC-TV segment which featured our office. You can also use the web site to contact us by email. Take a look and let us know what you think. If you would like to tell a friend about our office this is an easy way for them to find out more about us.

On to personal stuff, Sandy had a beautiful healthy baby girl named Samantha Jo and after five months of maternity leave she is back to work three days a week. Tara and Vinny got married in February and Rosaura and TJ got married in June in beautiful weddings. Everyone is back to work so Helen can go back to being semi-retired which she graciously gave up to fill in for everyone else. We went to North Carolina to watch our daughter graduate from Duke University. I was the typical proud daddy with a video camera stuck in his face and I would be happy to bore you to death with the pictures. In September she will start the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. In another five years she can take some of the load off her aging father.

The other day a patient that wanted an appointment sooner than one was available commented that “why should they (the patient) care about my lecturing internationally and teaching at a university” if it takes time away from the office. While most of my lecturing takes place on weekends and teaching is on my day off, it troubled me because I realized I had not communicated to you the benefits you receive from these endeavors. As a lecturer in esthetics and high technology dentistry I obviously have to use and be knowledgeable about the latest advances in treatment. In the university setting we share and evaluate the latest information and published studies. Some of the benefits my patients have received are:

• The use of very low radiation, more diagnostic digital x-ray years before almost anyone else. This advancement is still not available in over 80% of dental practices.

• The use of air abrasion and lasers to do most of our fillings without a “drill” or “shot” with the obvious rewards to the one being treated.

• The use of lasers for bloodless surgery with no possibility of infection and no post-operative pain, laser diagnostics for early detection of cavities, new laser periodontal (gum) treatments.

• The first computerized cosmetic previewing system in dentistry and now the ability to perfectly match our restorations to the color of existing teeth with computer colorimetry.

Although I have been lecturing to dentists for years about these wonderful advances 96% of the dentists have not incorporated them in their practices. For me dentistry is more than a profession or an occupation, it is also my hobby and abiding interest. Teaching and lecturing allow me to constantly expand and improve to the benefit of all.

Even though I hope this is informative it doesn’t help open up appointments so I am already looking for an associate to help make treatment time more convenient. I have interviewed and checked out a number of excellent prospects and will keep you posted on the process. I hope you all have a great summer.

Best regards,

Dr. Kenneth S. Magid