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To my patients: 10/2003

To my patients:

It’s been a few months since my last letter and so much has happened in our office that I’m not sure I can get it all on one page. These are all important to those of us at the office and we hope of interest to you. Here goes, in no particular order…

In case there is anyone that I haven’t told yet, my daughter Sabrina has decided to go to dental school and perhaps, when she is finished, join me here in the office. If you could see the smile on my face and the pride in my heart as I tell this you would know how pleased I am. Of course she has to finish her last year at Duke, 4 years of dental school and a year of residency so I will be working for at least 10 more years. I hope that is good news for all of you and I have the strength to carry on. She has been invited for interviews (the cutoff process for dental school is the invitation to interview) at 12 of the 13 schools she applied to so I will let you know where she will be studying after the January reply date.

Sandy is pregnant with her second child and is due in May. She’s barely showing yet but she says that the scrubs hide just about anything. After 6 weeks of maternity leave she will be back in the office doing her cheerful and efficient best to help all of our patients with insurance, scheduling and just about anything else they need. She’s started taking Fridays off so she can spend more time with Jake and his new sibling.

Tara is engaged and will be married February 14th 2004. A romantic day for a wedding and she can be assured of always getting flowers on her anniversary and Valentine’s Day. She and Vincent will be married at .

Rosaura is engaged and will be married in June 2004. She met her fiancé Tom Lopero (called T.J.) here at the office so I guess that makes us the matchmaker. When I call our practice “full service” I didn’t have this in mind but we are all thrilled for both of them.

After working in dentistry for more years than she likes to admit and 18 years knee-to-knee with me Helen has semi-retired. We wouldn’t let her leave completely and she admits she would miss everyone so she will be working a half day either Tuesday or Wednesday and a full day on Friday. We miss her in the office but she has earned a little less work.

Shameka McCoy has joined the practice as a clinical assistant. She hasn’t worked in a dental office before but over the six months she’s been here she has learned very quickly. Her cheerful, pleasant demeanor makes her a great addition to our family.

The office renovation is almost complete and I hope you are as pleased as I am with the outcome. We originally were going to do just wallpaper and carpet but since I am going to be involved in the office forever, see paragraph 2 above, I decided on more extensive changes. If you haven’t seen the new look stop by and let us know what you think. I’ll even give you a wonderful reason to come by…we’re beginning our “Share Your Smile” toy drive. Over the past 5 years we have collected thousands of toys for children that without your help might not get anything for the holidays. Please help the children and receive a $10 certificate for any dental service in our office as our thanks.

As you are probably aware already, due to my teaching schedule we had to change our office hours making Wednesday our late night and closing the office on Thursday. After over 30 years it takes a little getting used to but we are adapting. All of our staff had to rearrange their lives for this new schedule. Janet switched the day she teaches religious dancing at her church, we appreciate it and we hope she stays with us for many years to come. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused everyone.

There is more to tell you about but I think I’ll keep this to one page in the hopes you will take the time to read it and save the rest for another time.

Dr. Kenneth S. Magid