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To my patients: 11/2002

To My Patients:

It’s been an incredibly busy time in our office and I have lots to tell you about so here goes in no particular order:

The laser revolution has truly come to our dental office. About a year ago we started doing “cavities” with a laser and this was added to air-abrasion as a way of avoiding the “shot” and “drill”. Four months ago I was privileged to receive the first of a new generation of laser….the only one of its kind outside Israel where it is made. This laser has created a new revolution in dentistry. In our office I rarely do a filling with anything but a laser unless I have to remove an old silver filling. In 85% of the cases that means no “shot” and no numbness. We are also doing a wide range of surgical procedures with the laser including those that would have previously been sent to a specialist. When done with the laser there is no bleeding, minimal anesthesia, and NO post-operative pain and more procedures are being added every day. Tell your friends and family…this is a whole new world of dentistry!

The laser revolution has increased my lecture schedule dramatically. I was honored with a full day at the American Dental Association national meeting and I have and will be traveling all over the USA and Canada giving lectures to my colleagues on this amazing new world.

I was invited to join the faculty of New York University College of Dentistry as an Associate Professor in the Honors Aesthetics program. My teaching responsibilities extend beyond teaching cosmetics and aesthetic dentistry to incorporating and teaching high technology dentistry to the entire student body. I’ve lost my Wednesdays off but it has been very rewarding.

We have a new dental hygienist on our team. Janet Hockaday has joined us Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays and has been received with high acclaim by the patients. Janet brings many years of dental hygiene experience and a wonderfully friendly and cheerful demeanor to our office.

If you have visited us in the last couple of months you may have noticed the construction and redecorating is moving forward. My treatment room has been completely redone and the second hygiene room has a new chair and equipment. We have converted all of our instrument handling to sealed sterile cassettes for your safety. We will continue with the rest of the office, always endeavoring to provide the best possible dental experience. We’ve also added new procedures for your health and appearance: BrightSmile in-office teeth whitening has been a huge success turning out beautiful smiles. If crooked, overlapped teeth in adults is a problem we have been certified in Invisalign orthodontics which you have probably seen on TV. We have added the NORAD anti-snore appliance that is effective in about 80% of patients…..which makes their spouse smile.

And speaking of smiles...thanks to you our toy drive was a huge success with bags of toys going to children in need all over the county.

A healthy, happy, and smile filled new year to all of you from all of us.

Dr. Kenneth S. Magid