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To my patients: 04/2002

To my patients,

It has been a very busy time with lots happening in our office, and even bigger plans for the near future. All of this activity has made time fly by and I realized I haven’t let you know how our toy drive did. We collected enough toys for all the children at Green Chimneys, for the children at Grace Church, and to contribute to the UJA toy drive. Your generosity helped make the holidays special for a lot of children that would not otherwise have gotten any presents.

We have continued to add to the technology we use to provide superior care. I know everyone is thrilled when we can treat a cavity without using the dreaded “drill” or the “shot”. For a number of years I have been using and teaching other dentists to use air-abrasion (sand and air) to take care of many cavities. Now we have added a new laser that expands our ability to treat cavities without the noise, vibration, and discomfort of the drill…usually without needing an anesthetic. “Light” instead of a drill, not bad. Almost 10 years ago ours was the first office in Westchester and one of the first in the country to use a laser. Now we have three different lasers which expands the procedures we can do with “light”. As many of you know, I love traveling around the country lecturing on these new technologies and this is an exciting new addition.

I’m sure you have heard the advertisements for Britesmile teeth whitening, and with the recent introduction of their new device the technology has finally reached an outstanding degree of effectiveness. You can now have your teeth whitened in about an hour while you watch a movie with our “virtual-reality” glasses. We have an assortment of DVDs or you can bring your own. You can also use VR glasses, which make it appear that you are looking at a 60 inch screen five feet in front of you, for any of our procedures. I’ve included a brochure on Britesmile that will tell you more.

Our office has now taken the last step to do all x-rays digitally with the addition of digital panoramic and pedodontic technology. What that means for you is better quality x-rays that are more diagnostic and more easily communicated to insurance companies and specialists.

We’re now planning for a major renovation of the office to be started this summer although I am often told the office doesn’t look like it “needs” it. It’s an exciting project that I’m sure everyone will appreciate once it’s done but all the details become a little overwhelming. Fortunately Karen, my wife and partner, will be doing the decorating and keeping it all going in the right direction.

I hope you will all stop by and see these new changes and say hello.

Warmest regards,

Dr. Kenneth S. Magid